Youtube rolls out a new forward and rewinds feature that lets users skip chapters while playing a video with a two-finger double-tap.

The chapters are different sections of a YouTube video that lets users preview its name and additional information.

The feature for YouTube was first discovered by a Reddit user magnatronmusic31, as per a report by Android Police. The user commented, “one new addition is double-tapping with two fingers to skip video chapters.

The feature is said to be an addition to the newly launched video scrubbing gesture on YouTube.

When users double-tap on the right side of the video player, it skips to the next chapter. Users would have to double-tap on the left side of the video player to rewind to the previous chapter.

For this to work, the video publisher would need to have defined the chapters in the video description.

This new feature will help users skip to their favorite chapters with ease. The new video chapter skipping feature was visible to us on both Android and iOS apps.

Earlier, users could skip 10 seconds by double-tapping with one finger. You will not trigger the 10 seconds-skip with the new gesture since it requires you to use two fingers.

We’re seeing the double-tap option to skip chapters as of the latest YouTube for Android beta v16.31.35, but it’s worth noting that many of our devices still lack the drag to scrub option.

The new gesture seems part of a server-wide update or could be reaching users on an account-to-account basis, much like the new slide to seek gesture.

While this feature is being used, YouTube will show a small thumbnail of the content being skipped, making reaching the desired portion of the content easier.

The features are still in the roll-out phase and they will be available on your Android device with the latest update soon.

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