• YouTube is testing an automatic-translation feature that will let users to browse Videos in their native language.
  • The automatic translation feature is a server-side update, Hence the feature may roll out the to all users soon.
  • Currently, YouTube does show results in local languages even when searched with English texts

YouTube, one of the widely used video streaming platforms keeps on launching new features in an effort to make it more reliable.

Currently, YouTube does show results in local languages even when searched with English texts, though their relevance can be questionable.

The company is testing a new feature that will automatically translate video titles, descriptions, captions, and more to your native language.

As first reported by Android Police, the new feature takes the help of Google Translate to automatically translating the text, which can help users browse through videos more easily.

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New Auto-Translation Feature:-

The new feature brings a translation pop-up on both the web interface and the mobile app that uses Google Translation AI.

Image Credit:- Android Police

Tapping or clicking on this pop-up automatically translates video titles, descriptions, and captions to your native language.

A video with translated titles shows a small translation icon that precedes the title. Google Translate supports 109 languages and aims to translate whole phrases rather than single words then gather overlapping phrases for translation.

The automatic translation feature is a server-side update and so far the translations have taken place from English to Portuguese and Turkish.

The company is adding support for auto-captions in more languages. Although the update may not seem substantial, it will be extremely useful for a large portion of the non-English speaking two billion users who use the platform each month.

YouTube also introduced changes to its Android and iOS app to make it easier for users to select the resolution of their videos.

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