• The electric vehicle will be able to drive on the road as well with a range of 600 kilometers on a single charge
  • Xpeng Heitech now employs 400 people and will expand its workforce
  • The Electric vehicle maker Xpeng said on Wednesday that it would deliver flying cars to customers in 2024

Flying car startup Xpeng Heitech, backed by electric vehicle maker Xpeng, said it plans to deliver a flying car by 2024.

The electric vehicle will be able to drive on the road as well with a range of 370 miles(600 kilometers) on a single charge but Zhao did not say how far it can fly each time.

The startup, founded in 2013 and funded by Xpeng and Xpeng’s Chief Executive He Xiaopeng, now employs 400 people and will expand the workforce to have 700 people by the end of this year, company’s founder Zhao Deli told World New Energy Vehicle Congress.

This is just one of the many startups that are working on flying cars globally. Details of the engine and the length of the vehicle’s flight time are unknown.

This year, the market has already seen some progress made by other companies in testing vehicles including AirCar’s 35-minute test flight in Slovikia and air taxi trials by Chinese startup EHang for its passenger-grade vehicle.

Startups are not the only companies looking to capitalize on this emerging market as big-name automotive vendors and electronics companies are involved including General Motors that introduced a concept flying car at this year’s CES 2021 and SK Telecom joined UAM Team Korea, a research council developing flying air taxis, for future mobility in the air.

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