Microsoft’s long-anticipated Windows 11 is finally launched. The update, which is being called the “next generation” of Windows, comes with a massive redesign over its predecessor, starting from an all-new boot screen and startup sound to a centrally-placed Start menu and upgraded widgets.

Microsoft’s new Windows brings several changes, including a clutter-free and pretty design for PC users. And because Windows 11 looks so enticing, people are asking if their old computer can run it or if they need a new PC or laptop for new Windows.

Users must meet the minimum hardware requirements of 4GB of RAM, 64GB of free storage space, and a 64-bit 1 GHz dual-core processor.

Windows 11 features:-

Windows 11 Devices to Get Ability to Run Android Apps, Microsoft Showcases

It comes with a new interface. The update brings a fresh setup screen and continues to give a fresh look and feel across all core Windows elements.

Users can see the Start menu at the center that is aimed at providing a modern experience.

The transition of the Start menu also brings all the default icons such as Edge and File Explorer to the center.

Windows 11 also comes with new sounds and alerts, including the fresh startup sound. Users can see some new wallpapers and an improved dark mode.

Windows 11 also includes an updated widgets experience. Widgets can bring on the front by swiping from the left of the screen or can be placed full screen.

Windows 11 also introduces Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktop, which makes it easy to arrange multiple windows quickly around your desktop.

Windows 11 update brings multiple monitors and makes it easier for users to work on virtual desktops.

Windows 11 also comes with an improved touch keyboard that includes GIFs integration from Tenor.

Some Windows 10 challenges are overcome by bringing new touch targets and several underlying improvements that are a part of Windows 11.

Windows 11 also improves the experience for people using multiple monitors.
Microsoft has also improved its preloaded app store — Microsoft Store — on Windows 11 with new search capabilities and an improved design to give app makers a better reach.

This particular change will come into place from July 28 and allow developers to use a third-party commerce platform in their apps and keep 100 percent of their revenue.

Microsoft Store has also integrated the Amazon Appstore to let Windows 11 users get Android apps directly on their computers.

Windows 11 has also included various behind-the-scenes updates to deliver an overall faster experience.

For gamers, Microsoft is bringing over the Auto HDR feature from its Xbox Series consoles, which will enable HDR output even from games that don’t feature HDR.

Windows 11 availability, free upgrade:-

Windows 11 will initially be available for testing purposes to Windows Insider members starting next week.

It will also be available as a free upgrade to Windows 10 users later this year and come pre-installed on new PCs.

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