WhatsApp issues clarification over new privacy policy

WhatsApp has announced changes to its terms of service from February 8, 2021. Users must agree to the changes, or they won’t be able to use WhatsApp from Feb 8, 2021.

After facing a lot of backlash from users over privacy concerns, WhatsApp has now issued a clarification over a new privacy policy.

WhatsApp has said in twitter that the new privacy policy does not affect the privacy of your messages with your friends and family. The messages sent on chats would continue to be protected by end-to-end encryption.

It has further added that it does not keep logs of user’s messages and calls as it considers it would be ?a privacy and security risk’ and does not share your contacts with other apps from Facebook.

WhatsApp cannot see your shared location and neither can Facebook.

WhatsApp shares the phone number, transaction data, service-related information, usage data, mobile device information and IP address.

If you share your live location with a friend, that information is not transmitted to Facebook. However, WhatsApp does gather approximate location data which is given away by your phone number and IP address

The latest update will only affect the messages sent to business accounts on WhatsApp, which it adds is an optional feature.


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