The Hubble team has released a beautiful image of the luminous blue star to celebrate the 31st anniversary of Hubble Space launch.

Celebrating Hubble’s 31st birthday, astronomers at NASA aimed the space telescope at this celebrity star, which is one of the brightest in our galaxy.

The luminous blue variable star named AG Carinae is about 70 times bigger and one million times brighter than the sun.

The Hubble Space Telescope launched 31 years ago on April 24 and is still working, capturing spectacular cosmic images.

The image tweeted by NASA was taken in ultraviolet light, which offers a slightly clearer view of the dust structures around the star. Hubble is ideally suited for ultraviolet-light observations.

“These outbursts are the typical life of a rare breed of star called a luminous blue variable, a brief convulsive phase in the short life of an ultra-bright, glamorous star that lives fast and dies young,” NASA said.

AG Carinae is surrounded by an expanding shell of gas and dust that is shaped by the powerful winds of the star. The star is a few million years old and its expected lifetime is between 5 and 6 million years.

NASA explains that these stars exhibit a dual personality. For a long time, they remain dormant and then suddenly erupt in an impatient outburst.

They appear to spend years in semi-quiescent bliss and then they erupt in a petulant outburst, during which their luminosity increases — sometimes by several orders of magnitude.

AG Carinae, too, has undergone this period of two forces pulling it in opposite direction but its outbursts have been less violent when compared to its peers, says NASA.

These stars spend tens of thousands of years in this phase, a blink of an eye in cosmic time.

The image received a lot of appreciation from the users after being posted. Some users even thanking NASA for posting the Images.

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