The Facebook-owned photo and video sharing platform is working to expand search capabilities with the addition of videos and photos as results.

In addition, Instagram is also working on adding support for other languages ​​in search. Currently, Instagram search displays result under the Top, Accounts, Audio, Tags, and Places tabs.

The company has announced via a blog post that it is working on improvements designed to ease discovery. It will show photos and video results in Instagram Search in the future, under the Top tab itself.

A feature that is currently under development will show videos and photos as search results on Instagram.

Instagram mentions that they are improving search results and making them better for exploration. “For example, your search for “space” will show you space-related photos and videos, too. This is especially helpful when you don’t have an exact username or hashtag in mind when searching for a certain topic.” This feature is already present on TikTok.

So far, this feature has not been present in the Instagram search tool, which is more focused on finding accounts and hashtags that are similar to what the user entered as a keyword.

Support for More Languages

Instagram is also expanding the keywords that can be used to search for content. According to Instagram, the focus is currently on getting keyword search results in English, but support for other languages ​​will be added in the future.

The company has not provided a timeline for the launch of these features. Even without more visuals or new keywords in the mix yet, Instagram’s main criterion for what results in it shows its relevance, according to Mosseri.

The company has a series of “signals” to considers when showing results are Your text in Search, Your activity, and Information about the search results.

The company also attempts to filter out content that violates its Recommendations Guidelines, including sensitive topics like violence or semi-nudity.

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