The Indian Institute of Technology Madras have built India’s first 3D printed house inside the campus.

The house has been constructed by Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, a startup founded by IIT Madras alumni, which is a is part of the new incubator of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) established at IIT Madras.

The team printed the structure using a specialty concrete that it had developed to print large-scale 3D structures in just 5 days.

According to the company, “Tvasta’s ‘Concrete 3D Printing’ is an automated manufacturing method for constructing three-dimensional real-life structures. This advancement will open doors for all kinds of research and development in the construction world.

The house, which has a built-up area of 600 square feet, has a bedroom, a hall and a kitchen. The entire house was designed using software and printed using concrete 3D printing technology.

The concrete 3D printing technology is a ‘Ready-to-Implement Methodology’ with no lead time on manufacturing, which significantly reduces the construction time.

The technique utilizes a concrete 3D printer which accepts a computerized three-dimensional design file from the user and fabricates a 3D structure in a layer-by-layer manner by extruding a specialized type of concrete specifically design for the purpose.

“This technology can enable deep personalization of construction for the ultimate target segment – the individual. 3D Printing can ensure that affordable, good quality housing is available to all Indians with a technology that is built in India and symbolizes Atmaribhar Bharat.” Adithya VS, Co-Founder and CEO, Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, said about the startups’ vision.

The house was inaugurated by Finance Minister Nirmala Sithraman. Speaking at the launch, she said that India definitely needs solutions that do not require much time, adding the latest “technology enables building a 3D printed house in 5 days”.

Ms Sitharaman congratulated IIT Madras for encouraging innovation and bringing new concepts and ideas to life.

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