Google to rolls out of over 50 updates for Google Meet, Classroom and other online education products

Google had stepped in to Indian students who were left hanging due to closure of schools. It has introducing more than 50 new features to its education-focused products, including Google Classroom and Google Meet.

“Google Workspace for Education includes all the products you already use, like Classroom, Meet, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and many more. More than 170 million students and educators worldwide rely on our suite of tools”, said in the blog post from the company.

Updates in Google Classroom and Google Meet:-

The company has introduced an official mode for Google Classroom users. It will allow students to start their work offline, review their assignments, access attachments in Google Drive, and write assignments in Google Docs. This features will allow users to work without an internet connection.

Google has also improved the grading system on the Android app to let teachers easily switch between student submissions and grade work while viewing an assignment and sharing feedback.

Image:- Google

Updates in Google Meet:-

Meanwhile, Google Meet would get a feature that would allow a meeting to have multiple hosts, which would allow educators to easily coordinate with other facilitators. This feature is expected to introduce later this year.

Teachers will have an option to end the meeting for all in Google Meet. They can also mute all participants at once, and decide whether students can unmute themselves or not.

Google has now introducing three new paid versions for institutions that look for more security. These three new versions are:

  • Google Workspace for Education Standard
  • The Teaching and Learning Upgrade
  • Google Workspace for Education Plus

New storage policy:-

The company has introduced a new storage model to institutions using any of its Workspace for Education editions.

The new storage model will provide schools and universities with a baseline of 100TB of pooled cloud storage shared across all of your users. The new policy will come into effect from July 2022 for all existing Google and new customers.


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