Google Photos introduces updated video editor on Android, Pixel-Exclusive Features for Google One Subscribers

Google Photos has introduces an updated video editor that brings granular adjustments similar to the ones available on its photo editor. Google is also bringing more photo editing features previously only available on Pixel to Google One members.

The new video editing features are currently available for iOS users and will soon be rolled out for Android version too.

A new editor for your videos:-

Animated GIF showing a phone with a video of a dog on the screen. The phone scrolls through granular edits to apply to the video.

The latest video editor will let users crop, change perspective and add filters, in addition to trimming, stabilizing and rotating videos and it offers more than 30 controls to enhance videos.

Users can also change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and warmth of videos—just like you would an image.
Google is also bringing some Pixel exclusive editing features to the Google One members as a part of their membership.

Features for Google One Subscribers:-

These features include Portrait Blur, Portrait Light, and Color Pop. Blur and Color Pop are currently available to all only for photos clicked in portrait mode, now, Google One members can apply these effects to even more photos of people, including those without depth information, like old film scans or professional shots.

Google One members will also get access to what Google is referring to as “super filters.” Powered by machine learning, these filters apply complex edits with just one tap.

Animated GIF showing two photos of a beach; one is static while the other has new lighting effects applied to it that enhance it.

[Image:- Google]

Along with the new editing features, Google is also offering new AI-powered filters: a new “dynamic” option that automatically enhances brightness and contrast, and “sky suggestions” that can tweak skylines for more dramatic effects.

Google said users will need a device with 3GB RAM and Android 8.0 and above to use these new editing features.

A Google One membership starts at $1.99 per month in the U.S, for 100 GB of storage and also includes member benefits like premium support from Google experts and these editing features will still be available to Pixel users at no additional cost.


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