• Users can add photos and videos to new and existing albums while offline
  • This is a server-side update and may not be available to all users immediately.
  • Google Photos will start charging for storage starting June 2021.

Google Photos will now allow users to add photos and videos to albums even when the devices are offline. This feature will work for both new and existing albums.

The feature were first spotted by Android Police. The ability to add photos and videos to albums offline is a part of the latest change, which is live in most recent version of Photos, according to a report.

All the changes made will be synced with Google servers once the device is back online or when they get a WiFi or internet connection.

Users can upload photos or videos to albums even when the devices are offline by selecting photos or videos and then adding them to an album.

Image Credit:- Android Police

The update will make it easier for users to organize their Google Photos albums on the go, even when they are not connected to the internet.

The upgrade is available on the recent versions of Google Photos, and if you do not see it yet, it could be because it is a server-side rollout and Google could roll out the feature for you in the coming weeks.

Google Lens:-

Recently Google Photos integrated Google Lens into the app. The integration will allow users to scan saved images and can be accessed by clicking on the Lens icon at the bottom of the screen in the app.

Users can then translate this text, copy it to another app, speak it aloud, and transfer it to their Google-connected PC.

Google Photos will also stop being a free service and will start charging users for the service once they reach the 15 GB of storage limit that comes with every Google Account.

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