Google Maps update brings Out Split-Screen Street View for Android Users

Google Maps update brings Out Split-Screen Street View for Android Users. As of now, it is available only on the company’s Android application.

According to report states that the new split view UI launches automatically when you open Street View after dropping a map pin. The report says that this feature should work for users on the latest update.

Google Maps users will need to be on version 10.59.1 to see this feature and it is available for a few users for now, though users in India will not be able to use it due to the rejection of government approvals a few years ago.

The update helps users to see exactly where they are and also where we are looking without them needing to switch between different modes.

Steps to open Split Screen View:-

  1. Open Google Maps on your Android devices.
  2. Simply switch to Street View and tap on the circular expand/condense button.
  3. The option will shows up on the bottom right of Street View.
  4. The split-screen Street View will opened.

Once in this split-screen Street View mode, users can see where they are on the map and the direction they are facing, simultaneously.

This feature reportedly works in landscape mode and in portrait mode both, but portrait orientation seems to be working better.

The Google Maps’ screen splits in half, with the upper half of the screen occupied by the Street View interface and the corresponding map shown in the bottom half.

With the latest AR feature that allows us to have a much better geolocation and when we use pedestrian navigation, especially in very narrow streets or with very high buildings that prevent the GPS from having excellent accuracy.

You can also open the Street View mode in full screen and return to the split-screen with a simple tap.


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