• Threadit allows users to share small recorded videos like TikTok
  • Threadit is available on the browser or as a Chrome extension.
  • Users can able to record multiple short clips and stitch them into one.

Google has launched a new tool called Threadit that will help you to share your work and connect with your team more efficient.

The tool helps the users to share small recorded videos like TikTok to team members for communication on progress of work.

As per blog post, Google explains that Threadit is available on the browser or as a Chrome extension, and helps you say and show more with a video message than with an email or chat.

It can be used to show each other progress, ask questions or request feedback without needing to coordinate schedules.

This feature helps us to reduce unnecessary meetings while still becoming a tighter-knit team.

Users will be able to record multiple short clips, which will then be stitched together into one cohesive video message. To use Threadit, simply speak straight to the camera or share your screen.

This feature also helped employees to work on their time zones without having to schedule live meetings. “I’d send a Threadit to my colleagues in Japan during my normal working hours in Seattle; they’d respond during the hours that worked for them in Tokyo,” explained in a bog post.

How will you use Threadit?

Users can directly access Threadit from your web browser or mobile device. If you get our Chrome extension, you can record yourself and anything on your screen at any time, even from within Gmail.

Users can send a Threadit to anyone by simply sharing the link where no download is necessary.

Google says that the feature will be more efficient for those who struggle to share their point on mails or text.

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