Google introduced a new redesign for music-related search queries on desktop

Google has introduced a new redesign for music-related search queries for the desktop version. The new redesigning of desktop search results would make it easier for users to search for their music related queries, as compared to the older version.

According to 9to5Google report, the Google Search redesign for music has been in testing for a while but is now rolling out widely.

The latest update brings the new panel on the left side of the screen where users can access information by selecting buttons like Overview, Lyrics, Videos, and Songs. For example, if users select Videos, a page with videos from YouTube and else will appear.

Listen and About Options:-

The right side of the Web results will have different features in the form of cards related to music. The option shows like a “Listen” card which will allow the user to listen the songs on popular music streaming platform that will be available in the user’s region like YouTube, Spotify etc. making it easier and faster for the user to play songs.

The ‘About’ card below this holds information about the song or album that is taken from Wikipedia.

According to the report, some songs will have some other extra options like “Analysis” and “Extra recordings”. With the extra options available in a clean, accessible format, Google’s intention seems to be to provide users with additional options at their fingertips and saving on taking an extra step to type out a new search result.

The redesign seems to be applied only to music-related search results on Google Search at the moment and the new Google search layout for desktop appears to be limited to select regions and music-queries.

The searching for other types of media, people, places, and news still returns the old design.

We’ll keep you updates as more news of this feature.


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