Google Chrome Sync Will Soon Be Optional for Account sign-in

Google has announce the upcoming features in the blog post that explains about the users can able to sign in on Google Chrome with a single tap, without having to re-enter credentials or sync.

The Google has been working to make “Chrome Sync” optional for browser features over the year. The updates brings the users can able to sign in on google chrome without entering the logins credentials.

Google makes it easier to autofill payment methods stored in the account. User can able to autofill passwords on sites that had previously been saved to the account. On saving a new password, Chrome will let you choose if you want to save it on the device or in your Google Account and it later will let you access it across all devices.

By this updates, the user gets more flexibility over having access to passwords saved to their Google Accounts. In Past its not easy to access the account information unless you had Chrome sync enabled on the device you were using. So Google made a effort for this and makes a more improvements in the features.

We’ll keep you updates as more news of this features.


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