Google announce updates on cloud storage policy

Google earlier announced the updates on changing its cloud storage policy and this will go into effect on June 1, 2021. Unlimited free storage for photos and videos would no longer be available as part of this storage policy update.

Google has provided free 15 GB of storage for every free Gmail account to store the files across Gmail, Drive as well as Photos. The google has counting the data of documents like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other apps from Google Suite against this 15 GB storage. The Photos or video’s that you’ve uploaded in google drive will not be counted towards the free cloud storage.

With this policy change, the photos or videos that you’ve uploaded in High quality will count towards the free 15GB of cloud storage that comes with every Google Account. If the user has extended their storage limit of 15GB, the user would have to purchase additional storage capacity via Google One.

Those who were uploading lot of photos and videos that exceeds more then 15GB of storage should backed up on Google Photos app and not Google storage to retrain the files.

Google also provides subscription services for its users with plans starting as low as ₹130 for 100GB of cloud storage per month.

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