Google announce new features to improve search experience in Google Drive’s

Google has announced recently about new features to improve search experience in Google drive’s. This allows users will be able to see and re-run recent desktop and mobile searches on the Google Drive application.

Google has introduced new features for the Google Drive app on Android and iOS in order to help users search more efficiently. By this update the users don’t want to type the same searches queries in the application.

The second update that google was announced as “intelligent suggestions”. This feature will allow user to view and select from intelligent suggestions. Google Drive application will include suggestions for people, past searches, and keywords, as well as recently accessed files.

Google announce why these type of changes are important. “With changes in working patterns due to COVID-19, more people need to get work done even when they’re away from their desk. With the changes it’s easy to find the files easily and quickly.

We will keep you more updates on this feature.

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