Google announce new application allows people to use eyes to communicate

The Google has announced application called Look to Speak that allows peoples to use eyes to communicate. The application allows user to use their eyes to select present list of phrases by moving your eyes up, down, left, or right.

With the movement of his eyes, a user can select what they want to say from a list of phrases. The technology application helps the community of people living with speech and motor impairments, particularly those who are non-verbal and require assistance to communicate.

Lot of apps that are already being used with eye control, but Google has managed to find a way with more portable and accessible. The screen of the smartphone gets divided into three section and it can be accessed by looking left, right, up and down.

By Looking left and right can able to select the list of various pre-written phrases, once pre-written phrases is selected, it will be split up and appears on either side. Same process will be continued till single phrases is selected and then the phone will say it out loud about the selected phrases.

If user wants to cancel the process, just want to look up. The new app is available to users via Google Play Store.

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