Apple Maps may soon rolls out new features to report accidents, speed checks

Apple Maps may soon rolls out new features that will allow users to report accidents, hazards, and speed checks while navigating to a destination. The new feature is available as part of iOS 14.5 beta update and is available for public beta testers and developers.

According to report from MacRumours, the updated Apple Maps application on the iOS 14.5 beta brings the feature to report incidents, which includes accidents, hazards, and speed checks.

The new feature will not only provide the users with information about the incidents on the road, but also allow them to report any incidents they have witnessed.

Apple Maps Accident Reporting:-

The users can use a new Report button for the feature appears alongside the existing Add Stop, Share ETA, Details, and Audio options. By tapping that button, will automatically flag the user’s location without any confirmation windows.

The feature will also have another option to report incidents using Siri. To use Siri to report an incident, users can say - “Hey Siri! There’s an accident on the road.”

This is a new one for Apple but has been in the business for a long time. Waze got the feature first and Google Maps has had it since 2019.

The new feature on Apple Maps looks quite similar to the incident reporting feature that is available on Google Maps and Waze and these types of features have become a necessity, road safety is crucial.

The latest update expected to roll it out more widely with the next public software rollout soon.

The MacRumors report says that apart from iOS devices, the reporting of incidents is also in the works for CarPlay systems and the feature is likely being tested only in the US initially in limited capacity and not all users on iOS 14.5 beta have seen it on their devices.

We’ll keep you updates as more news of this features.


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