Apple iPhone 13 plans to launch optical In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Apple is planning to launch optical In-Display Fingerprint Sensor on the upcoming model iPhone 13. The Model is expected to launch later this year.

According to report from Wall Street Journal reporter Joanna Stern, Apple could introduce an optical in-display fingerprint sensor as the secondary biometric option alongside Face ID.

The upcoming iPhone 13 models are expected to come with support for Wi-Fi 6E technology and some of the features of Samsung Galaxy S21 are expected to have in next-generation iPhones.

Previously, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman had also revealed that Apple is working on the optical in-display fingerprint and might introduce it with the iPhone 13 series. The feature is already available on Android phones.

The Android devices will have no physical button that scans your fingerprint but the screen lights up with the fingerprint icon whenever you place your finger.

A report in MacRumours says that it may also be possible that Apple will bring a combined version of an optical fingerprint sensor and its Touch ID capacitive fingerprint sensor.

The sensor would combine the fast scanning benefits of the optical sensor and will take advantage of the security of a capacitive sensor.

Specification and features:-

  • Apple iPhone 13 features a 6.2 inches display and comes with up to 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage.
  • The device packs a 3285 mAh battery and the camera system at the back includes 13 MP + 13 MP primary camera and 13 MP Selfie camera and powered by Apple A14 Bionic Processor.

The implementation of ‌Touch ID‌ to the ‌iPhone‌ would be welcome as it would provide more authentication options for unlocking the ‌iPhone‌ in different situations, as well as an extra layer of security.

It is being reported that the hardware for this Wi-Fi 6E technology will be supplied by semiconductor maker Skyworks and also the company could also use hardware from Broadcom, the company which provides Wi-Fi 6E technology to Samsung for the S21 Ultra.

The upcoming model is expected to launch at 25-Mar-2021 and is likely to be priced at Rs. 89,990.


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