Android 12 could come with UI changes and new privacy features

Google is expected to launch Android 12 with UI Changes and new privacy features. The Android devices is likely to launch in the second half of the year.

According to report from XDA Developers, an early draft from the said documentation has been leaked and it shows some of the changes, along with ew widgets, a drastically redesigned UI, and some iOS 14-inspired privacy features.

The XDA Developers has shown a few new screenshots from an alleged early Android 12 build, that shows what looks like a completely revamped interface.

One of the leaked screenshots shows a new notifications panel UI. It now has an opaque background and more pronounced rounded corners for each notification. The color likely depends on the current theme and/or whether or not Dark Mode is enabled.

The separation between the “conversations” section with the rest of the notifications is still there, and the rounded corners of each notification are now more pronounced and seem to be four Quick Settings tiles that are bigger in size instead of the usual six.

The date and time that appears on the top left of the notifications panel has been interchanged.

New privacy features:-

In another screenshot, the Privacy setting can be seen where Disable camera, Mute microphone, Location, Permission manager, and Advanced options can be seen.

Tapping on these status bar icons may show a pop-up at the top of the screen that tells you exactly which app(s) are using the camera or microphone.

Users can disable all sensors on your device by using the “sensors off” Quick Setting tile, but this tile can only be shown once Developer Options is enable.

In another screenshot, a new addition to Android’s widget selection. In a screenshots, we can see an alleged new “Conversations” widget in Android 12 that may highlight recent messages, missed calls, or activity statuses. The widget that’s shown is small and only seems to be big enough to accommodate showing one message/call/status at a time in its smallest size.

The new update looks like Android has taken a few cues from Apple’s iOS 14.


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